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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Wouldn't ya know it? The weather turned SUPER hot. Exercise is SUPER hard in this weather, but maybe I'll go for a walk later in the evening.

I wish my bike was accessible, but my husband has it on the trailer and packed for camping... which we aren't doing for another month. It would be cool to go for an evening ride. The breeze... ah....

Eatingwise, I'm doing pretty good. Drinking lots of water which worries me. Since our water rationing, it has been calculated that each person get 4 flushes per day. What! I stay home all day and drink water. I know for a fact that I flush more than that. And what if someone is sick? Ugh! Something more to sway someone from good health...

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  1. 4 flushes per day..yeah right, I pee about 4 times before 11am when I drink my coffee!!!