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Monday, January 12, 2009

After My Day of "Rest"...

Yesterday, as I sat at my computer contemplating whether I was going to work out or not, I was just tired. I wasn't burnt out, just flat out tired. We had come in at 11pm the night before (Saturday) and I slept late yesterday. I had worked out 6 days in a row. I was feeling ok (soreness-wise), but my body just felt depleted of all energy. So I wondered...

Do I work out today because I over-ate on Friday? (I was really "good" on Saturday, minus the amount of water I should be taking in, as I didn't want to have to go to the bathroom too much - I was at a memorial and a type of "wake"...) or do I rest, as Jonathan from No Excuse Workout says to rest on Sundays? Hmmm... there must be a reason for this. And I pondered throughout most of the day.

At the end of the day, I hadn't worked out. I also didn't fully take in water. But! I didn't drink my scapegoat too much. I stayed within my limit of coffee (only drank 1 1/2 cups) and didn't drink any soda. Yay me! I didn't "overeat" either. I did pretty well. However, not only did I not workout that day... I didn't really do anything except the dishes and clean off some counters. I ended up "gel-ing" while watching movies. I was so tired!

This morning... the kids finally went back to school. I went to bed late last night (couldn't sleep! I know... go figure!). But I worked out this morning (Hello, Jillian!) and don't feel sore yet. I hope to do well today.

It is hard. It is really hard not to step on the scale everyday. So... I do. I really shouldn't. It deflates me when the weight hasn't changed. But... I must persevere, as this change is for me and no one else.

But, going back to Saturday... I felt good about the weight loss (even though it was only a couple of pounds). I dressed up (of course... for a memorial), put on makeup (which is rare for me), did my hair (which is even more rare), and squeezed into one of those suck-you-up thingies to make it even more pronounced. Did my husband even notice? Uh... don't know... he never said anything. (That's my support group for you!) So, Sunday morning, I let him know he "failed" the test... I had to laugh! I asked him, "Didn't I look 'skinnier' to you?" He said, "What do you think I am, CRAZY? I'm not stupid enough to answer that question!"

I have to admit... he has a point. I didn't think about it that way. Hmm... I "think" I would be ok if he said that I looked "skinnier" that day (or any day for that matter). But... as it was pointed out to me, that could be flipped around to "mean" (in a woman's mind) that I looked "fat" on other days. Poor guy... was in a Catch-22. I get it. So... I won't ask again. I understand.

Anywho... since the girls are back in school, I actually have a "schedule" to tend to again. Yikes! I need to go to bed earlier!!! Even Oprah (and her experts) say to get lots of rest to lose weight, that your body needs to re-energize and heal itself, otherwise, you won't lose very well at all.

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