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Monday, January 19, 2009

Is "Alli" Really an Ally? - DIETER'S BLOG CANDY ALERT!

Here I am, at 2:30 in the morning. Can't sleep, shouldn't eat (and I'm not), can't do much... So, I did what I really shouldn't do... I stepped on the scale. Ugh... I gained a pound! Now, I'm not going to add that to my weight loss ticker, as it isn't the day I should be weighing in anyway. I haven't gone to the restroom, and this was just a horrible time to do it. I seriously need to train myself to resist that temptation. It is, after all, such a deterrent towards my goals and is extremely depressing. Not that I don't have enough depressants already.

So, in my thought process, all I could think about was, "Maybe I should take 'Alli' or shouldn't I?" Hmmm... I haven't been overeating and have been seriously maintaining my portion control and Coke/coffee intake. Should I use the diet aide or should I "kick it" on my own? Please leave a comment and tell me your thoughts!

If you post a comment, you will be entered into my first ever blog candy contest. Of course, since this is a weight loss blog, it will be "Dieter's Candy." The winner, drawn at random next Monday night (January 26th), will be the new owner of a pedometer. Post your comments, and come back again to check if you are the winner. Good luck!

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  1. Do it yourself Sis. You can do it. You are already doing so well. Keep going...stay the course. You can do it. (btw, dont enter me in your drawing).