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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Missed One!

Yeppers... I did not post yesterday! So... I missed one. Life happens. I didn't get in until 2a.m., and heck if I was going to sit down and write. But, for the most part, at a dual birthday celebration, I think I did pretty well last night.

Still doing 30 Day Shred. Jillian is starting to make me feel really good! I am getting through those workouts better everyday. I was still a little sore, but I did a little more in between the advanced and beginner in the squats (a little more "full out") and such and worked it. "Burn, Baby, Burn!" is what her newsletter said yesterday, and that's what I did. Then... afterwards, my day became a little chaotic.

We had to get stuff together super quick to go. We got to my mom's early, so the girls and I walked (the little one - she's 3, almost 4 - opted to stroller-sit this one out) down to the Carl's Jr. Yeah, I know... a little fatty... but we were walking, and I hadn't eaten all day (this was 2:30'ish). I was bad in the eating area and hadn't really had my water intake either. I opted to split a burger with one kid, split a nacho with another, and split my split of the nacho with the burger child. So, I ended up eating 1/2 burger and 1/2 of a 1/2 (1/4) of super nachos. We took water. Yay us! Wasn't bad at all, and we did walk back.

Unfortunately, I cannot resist Almond Roca. I admit (because I am supposed to be honest and accountable here) between first arrival and dinner, I ate four (4) golden wrapped Almond Roca candies. They were yummy, but not as addicting as I remember. I honestly don't know why I ate them, probably from habit, as my nerves were still booming with the anxious rush of adrenaline from the previous chaos of the day. But, I do know, I was able to stop. Yay me!

Dinner was a breeze. Ok, so it was fried shrimp and fries, but I only ate 5 shrimp and not even a handful of fries. My salad was fairly large (with mixed baby greens and spinach), and I drank more water. Cake? Oh yeah! I resisted the ice cream. A little hard to do... but with choosing a cupcake over the cake, it was easier. The trick? I ate the cupcake over a napkin, not over a plate. This left no room for the ice cream, and also didn't give the "appearance" something was missing. Oooohhh... I am pretty proud of myself.

I also resisted picking up more shrimp as I walked by throughout the evening. Whew! That was good. I admit... I almost picked up another piece, thinking "this one won't hurt me..." and killed that thought, with the question, "and do you really need it, Lisa?"

(Yes, I talk to myself quite a bit through all of this. Remember, I am my own support system.) See my motto to the right (in the sidebar)? "There is no magic wand to make the weight go away. The magic... is YOU! Use your willPOWER!" I believe this.

I have begun a weight loss program so many times throughout the years. I griped, I complained (afterall, it's what I do best!), and made it someone else's fault. It was everyone else's fault. Never really mine. I didn't have a support system, no one encouraged me, everyone always offered me candy and fatty foods, as well as more food... etc., etc. You know... we've all heard it before. What I realized (this time), was that I really don't care what other people think or say or do. I have to seriously do this for me and no one else. It is hard, it is a battle, it is a mountain (see my title pic!). Others can climb it with me, if they want to... but no matter what, I will do it! It is a challenge I must accomplish, only to challenge myself.

It's not that I don't need others to support me at all. There are those things in life that you just "have" to do by yourself. Like... uh... you are constipated (I know... YUCK!), and you just need to drink lots of water and "push" through it on your own. Sometimes you have someone there offering you advice and such, but lots of times, people laugh or cajol you, making it even harder than it should be. You (I) must endure! I had to find the strength in myself. And I think... this time, I seriously found it.

Like I keep reminding myself... I am not doing a "cold turkey" thing here. I am still eating pretty much the same foods I did, just less. I ate fairly healthy before I started my little regime, just ate too much of it. I'm sure some of you do too. Those of you that don't... BABY STEPS!

I ate out the other night... I ordered veggies instead of the potato, and it was delicious! If you don't really like veggies... find a favorite seasoning and add that. You'd be surprised how a little pepper and basil changes the flavor of those steamed carrots. (Makes 'em really sweet... Yum!) Sometimes it takes a while, and it takes change. Remember, the magic is in YOU!

Oh! Before I forget to tell you... there are two steps at my mom's by the front porch. When I first got there, it was painful to take those. By the time I left last night, it was no problem, and I barely felt them. Gotta go... got up a little late today (again) and still need to work out. I will try to post again a little later.

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