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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Delayed Workout Does Me In!

This morning, my workout was put to an abrupt halt 5 minutes into it. My 4-year-old was already awake (she is usually asleep when I exercise). That was NOT the problem, though. She watched a movie (for 2 minutes) then decided she wanted to tell me she loved me (Awww..!). Then... she kept talking to me, and finally... patting me on the thigh and telling me, "Good job, Mom!" was a little too much. I had to stop. I can barely catch my breath while exercising without talking to anyone. So... I delayed my workout.

I felt a little "off" most of the day. But, as 4pm came around, she was napping, and everything that needed immediate attention was done, I worked out. Uh...

I have since then felt a total drag. At 6pm, I felt like it was 11pm. I am totally exhausted! I fell asleep for a little bit, then woke up (have ta finish my laundry... ya know!). So, here I am, eyes burning, brain hurting, body feeling a little weak... I think I'll just get up earlier tomorrow morning and see how that works out.

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