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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Without Jillian Today...

Today, my almost 4-year-old woke up earlier than normal. So... I wasn't able to exercise with my motivator, Miss Jillian Michaels. Bummer, but... I did her workout (sans Jill!) anyway and just set my timer for 30 seconds to keep up the interval pattern. Worked for me! I even sweated more. Probably because I was killing myself, as I started my workout WAY late for me. I almost wasn't sure I'd get it in. But I did. I made myself... and it wasn't that bad.

Okay folks... the recipe that is on the sidebar for the flushing-type tea (drink) tastes HORRIBLE!!!! But, today I'm going to the bathroom constantly, so it must take a day to "work." However, I think I will still drink 3 cups of tea (1 teabag each at different point37.56/12) with just a splash of cranberry juice and a splash of lemon juice. This will be much easier to "phone it in" (down it quickly) than to drink almost two quarts of nasty stuff! Plus, I drink enough water throughout the day, I really don't need the diluted version.

I haven't weighed myself yet. Will save that for tomorrow morning, as I did my initial weigh at 11:30pm, and have decided (after the poll that only one person completed - guess I don't have very many readers... lol!) to weigh myself first thing in the morning. Maybe this will do more for my whompa! Gotta give something a try, as I haven't been doing this that long, yet I feel I've already reached one plateau and nothing is changing!

I'm thinking this "flushing" is hopefully the change I need to rev my engine. Woohoo! I'm comin'!!!

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