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Friday, January 23, 2009

Today - NO Exercise! Tonight - NO CHILDREN!

My hubby got his W-2s in, so I worked on taxes most of the morning (the CA website is SUPER slow, and so is my computer). Also, my (almost) 4-year-old got up at 7am. What is with her? But hey. I still worked super hard. I did some knees to floor work while cleaning, and still feel good.

To make it up (which I will), I will be skipping Sunday as my rest day this week. (Cheer me on!)

But... for the good news... I lost two (2) more pounds! Yay me! I also got a new scale, which is digital, that is whey the tenths is on there. Woohoo! I'm doing great! I am proud of myself! You can be, too!!!

Enough for now... I got a hot date with my hubby tonight. We are actually doing NO CHILDREN!!! Let's see how that goes.

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