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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Totally Tuesday!

And I stuck to it, still working out! I heard Jillian yelling at me (as I drove my kids to school this morning) that I'd better workout when I got home. Yes... I hear her voice. I know it's my own mind, but hey! whatever works for me... lol! And it does work. I did the squats lower and harder, and I still feel ok. Yay me!

I went out for breakfast this morning and only at 1/2 of a muffin (Oh... so yummy!) at Mimi's Cafe, with no butter! It tasted JUST FINE! No seriously! It did. I realized for the first time goin gthere that it didn't need butter at all. I also only drank one cup of coffee. I am so proud. I did have a "just enough" breakfast, which was a small portion of potatoes, black beans, and egg and a tortilla with varioius heat-producing salsas. Very good, and didn't make me "want" to eat the remainder on my plate, because... well... there weren't any. But, like I said... they were "just enough" portions, and that is the intent.

I've been drinking my water faithfully. I think, overall, on day 20... I'm doing pretty good. This is the longest I've ever stuck to my guns and kept on going.

And, Josh, if you are reading this... you should have faith and believe in yourself. You have a wonderful child that NEEDS you to. He believes in you, and children are the most intuitive beings, especially at such a young age.

To all of you... don't put off today. Utilize the "NOW". Tomorrow will be today then yesterday, then the day before yesterday. Before you know it, it will be last week! And, if you go ahead and start, you may slip. Don't quit, don't stop. Just keep the ball going. Play the game of life, and come out ahead by picking yourself back up again and sticking to your guns. (Can you tell I feel "positive" today? LOL!) Maybe if you say or think positively, eventually, even you will believe yourself.

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