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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Got Some Energy Back...

... but I don't quite know where it came from! Yesterday, I did not workout at all. Well, I guess in a small way I did.

I had to go get the tires rotated sometime in the day. Instead of sitting and waiting in the lounge area for my car to be done, I had taken the stroller. So... Marissa and I "strolled" (walked) over to Home Depot and tooled around a bit. We walked through the gardens and smelled all of the flowers as well as priced certain citrus trees I would like. We then went in and checked out a bunch of other things in this glorious store. When I came back (almost an hour later), my car was done, and we were free to go. I guess I got some sort of exercise, but I still was dragging. Later, I went walking around Walmart looking for some things. So, I didn't just "veg" all day...

I just DID NOT feel up to working out. So sluggish with eyes burning... every move was a massive effort.

I ate moderately (but did eat more potato chips than planned!), and did fairly well. I fell asleep a little later than the previous night, but couldn't sleep when I wanted to!

Today is another story. I woke up - Refreshed, Renewed, with much more energy than the previous day! Don't know how that happened... So I said, "Hello!" to Jillian again. I worked out and don't even feel sore, 30-Day Shred and all! Yay me!

I also have gone back to eating the fruits I neglected myself yesterday. I am drinking my water again. Woohoo! It's really hard some times. I feel the flab flap (how's that for an alliteration?!) when I exercise and it totally disgusts me. But I sometimes just do not have the motivation to keep going. I'm using this blog as a motivator... I don't want to be a quitter, and don't want to admit that I failed... so here I am. I will keep going. I will endure.

I didn't watch The Biggest Loser last night, and I didn't TiVo it. (American Idol was on, so couldn't TiVo more than 2 things at a time, and there were other things being recorded.) So I don't know what happened, but will hook-up with the news later. I did watch DietTribe (recorded from Monday). Pretty good. I guess I'm not the only one who gets emotional...

I haven't stepped back on the scale and have been resisting the temptation. It's really hard. But... I'm my own support team, and I won't be setting myself up for failure again. Congrats to me!

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