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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Whew! Last Night was a Doozie!

My problem was definitely not eating last night. I was so busy... visiting and dancing. So, YES! I did extra exercising (I even worked up a sweat!). Yay me! Plus, I didn't eat that much. I only had one taco, a serving of beans, 1 serving of rice and a couple of corn tortillas. I even cut off the Coke(Coca-Cola). I drank 2 bottles of water, ate a portion of a small piece of cake (taking off all the frosting and the filling)... so all in all - I did pretty good.

Prior to the party, I ate a Big Mac (thank you McDonald's!) and a small handful of fries. Honestly! Who can resist when they are 2/$3.00? Yum-O! But, I did take off a lot of the sauce and most of the "tweenie" (the bread in between the two beef patties). And I was full. I used to be able to eat a full order of fries and 1-2 Macs, but those days are gone. Thank goodness!

I don't know if I will work out today. It's supposed to be my "rest" day. However... I will be cleaning my mom's house, so I'll be moving a lot. Tomorrow morning, it's back to my regular week, although the kids do have the day off. Oh well. Keep going, I know I will!

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