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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Super Saturday!

Today is going to be a busy day. So... even though I was tired from last night, I got my butt up and worked out earlier, so it didn't interfere with my day.

I changed Jillian's workout a little though. She does a couple minutes weights, then a couple cardio, then weights, then cardio, etc. I kept this regime. However, in her first "set" of cardio, she does jumping jacks then "jump rope". This just kills my knees, and I was really having a hard time doing it. It was painful, but not muscle pain. It was putting to much stress on my knees in one shot, as both moves completely impact the knees. The next set of cardio is a "butt kick" (where you sorta jog in place but kick your glutes, working the thighs) and a squat and punch. The third and final set is a combination of the two sets, jumping jacks, then butt kicks, then squat and punch, and ending with jump rope. So, I changed the first and second set's combinations: first set - jumping jacks then butt kicks; second set - jump rope then squat and punch. This works much better for me. My knees didn't feel like they were going to dislocate, which they are very well known for doing at any given time.

So, I feel good, but still tired. Tonight, though, I will have to be fairly careful... we are going to a Quincenera (15th birthday party for a girl), which is a really big thing, almost as big (and sometimes just as big or bigger) than a wedding. Lots of food (FATTY FOOD) and drink. I will survive! The power is in me - willPOWER!!!!

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