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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sticking To It...

Although I skipped writing yesterday, I did workout. I also ate "fairly" well. I official swim meets, and yesterday was a meet.

So... after not really being able to sleep (see my "other" blog), I finally took a nap for 2 1/2 hours, then got up at 5:15 am, worked out with Jill (30-Day Shred again), ate an orange, did dishes and minor cleanup. I was out the door by 7am. When I got to the meet, I ate scrambled eggs with salsa (nothing else on it... no potatoes, no cheese, no tortilla [I would usually get the works in a breakfast burrito], so YAY ME!!!) and a banana. For lunch, I splurged a little bit. They offered Chik-Fil-A sandwiches (fried chicken breast). I went ahead and got one, but declined the chips and other junkie items.

Let me tell you... the temptations are there. Although it is swimming for youth, the snack bars usually have a good choice of junk: donuts, bagels, "the works" breakfast burritos, pancakes, sausage, chili dogs, hamburgers, nachos, chips, candy, soda, coffee... Do you see what I mean? I did not drink coffee, or soda all day at the meet... only water. And it was good! AND it wasn't hard to do. The temptations might be there, but I wasn't overly tempted.

I began this journey knowing that if I full-on "dieted", then it wouldn't work for me, because I know myself. I would cave. It would feel forced, and I would resent it. Not this time.

Since we are on our feet all day, I wasn't sitting on my butt.

Then... I went to Chuck E. Cheese with my kids, Mom, nephew, sister and her bf. I sampled the cheese, had two boneless wings, 2 pieces of pizza (small ones to make it "appear" like more), and a salad. I tried a cup of coffee, but only ended up having a couple sips (it really helps when it isn't "good" coffee [lol!]!!!). I did have to try a 2 small bites of brownie when I got to my mom's house. My (almost) 4-year-old made them, so... I had to tell her how they were. But, again I resisted the calling. I'm pretty proud of myself.

I worked out again this morning (yeah! I said I would do it since I skipped Friday!) and feel relatively well. Although... I am exhausted from yesterday's marathon of sleeplessness. I also took pics, but after not really seeing any results (do you see any? please let me know in the comment section. my girls "claim" they do, but i just don't see it and my clothes don't feel like they fit "differently"), I have decided I will only takes pics once a month, on the 1st of the month, to be fairly equal to the original starting point of January 1st, 2009.

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