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Friday, February 6, 2009

2 more pounds!!!

I did it again! I by-passed last week's gain, and lost two more pounds! Yippee! Now... if only my clothes felt like it. I admit, the t-shirts don't seem to stretch across my chest as much now, but hey! Ya gotta lose some, to lose somewhere else...

Yesterday, I kicked back on eating so much. My hubby just rolled his eyes. (So much for support, eh?) For lunch, I had a baked potato with nothing on it but one pat of wannabe butter (low cal margarine) and a side salad. The potato (and the skin) were the best! Dinner, I made Broccoli, Rice & Chicken casserole. It was good too, and I didn't overeat on portions.

I did work out this morning, and while the plank positions are getting easier, it is still difficult. I didn't quit today. My shoulders don't burn so much either... uh... I traded down in weights for the military presses and V-squats. Yeah, I know. But seriously, I could not finish the sets with the heavier weights. The idea is babysteps, right?

I don't quite know how today or the weekend will pan out, but we'll see as we get there. In the meantime, I'm still ecstatic that I lost so much so far! I won't quite tell you my weight (as it's really embarassing), but let's just say I haven't been this weight in over a year. Yay me!

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