To get a great start... DRINK YOUR

Sunday, February 15, 2009


for me, that is... I didn't exercise at all and totally blew it on the food issue, although I did not drink any soda (miracle!). How can you say "no" to rib eye steaks? for breakfast? for dinner? And chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting with my fave ice creams? You can say, "yes!" I've been doing really good, and it was Valentine's Day. So, I'm a glutton at times...

Like I said, I didn't exercise. Yes, I have an excuse. I was finishing up my girls' Valentine's shirts and then they all started getting up. Yikes! I just cannot find it in me to exercise in front of them. The laughing and bugging just totally BUGS!

So... I got up this morning (yes, this early!) and worked out. Yeah me! I got up early so I can leave early. I am going cropping and shopping... so maybe I'll get some walking in. I'll seriously try to watch the snacking and other foods today. Good luck to all, and DRINK THAT WATER!!!

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