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Monday, February 16, 2009

I Did OK Yesterday...

I went to a scrapbooking exposition.

Prior to actually getting there, we (me and my kids) met my mom to do the "swap." Denny's was our meeting place. In the past, I would have ordered the chicken-fried steak and eggs. That day... I ordered 1/2 a Moons Over My Hammy (yes, I know... lots of sodium, lots of calories, but I only ordered 1/2!). This comes with hashbrowns, which I did not eat all of them (yay me!). So you know... I only ordered the 1/2, because even though I preach "willpower", I don't yet have enough willpower to NOT eat the other 1/2 if it is in front of me.

Afterwards, at the EXPO, I walked around a bit. Drank water (not enough), ate two mini muffins (chocolate cupcake - no frosting), and ate a loaded baked potato. Dinner was breakfast for dinner, consisting of bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and biscuits (with Harry & David jelly). I ate moderately and felt fine.

I did exercise early in the morning, but I think I already told all of you that. Suffice it to say... I think I did pretty darn well for being out and about at a major social and snacking function (scrapbookers are WELL known for snacking during scrapping...) and staying away from it all. Yay me.

Today however, I did not work out. I ate cream of wheat for breakfast, ate a chocolate cupcake, snacked a little more than I should have, two biscuits, and for dinner... baked chicken (one leg), a little bit of rice and some green beans. I am okay about it all, but not totally happy. I could not get myself to work out. I thought I'd do it later, but didn't...

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