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Monday, February 9, 2009

Keeping With It!

Good morning, Peoples (my whole two followers and whoever else visits...)! True to what I promised myself, I did work out yesterday. Yay me! I also stuck with a healthy day eating-wise.

However, I probably did not get enough sleep. Boo. Oh well... I'll keep trying. I honestly don't get it how others can get so much done in one day, eat right, exercise and get enough sleep. It is beyond me. If anyone has any suggestions (without cutting anything important to me or my kids), please let me know. I am at a loss and need help at this point.

Today has gotten off to a good start. I exercised with Jillian Michaels again today (if only they had the Level 3 available for free!) and feel fairly good about it. I was unwilling to start it this morning, but pushed myself and finished it. Yay me!

I got a sample of SENSE, the Cortislim way, the other day. Before you get your stuff in a bunch... I AM NOT DOING THIS!!! I merely wanted to read their materials. It seems this is a basic dieting (healthier eating, not deprivation), sleep and exercise deal, with the "supplement" (DRUG - in my book!) controlling or "aiding" you to maintain a healthy stress level. Ok, I don't think so... But... they do have a fairly good meal plan, dealing with "fists". There are fists of every food you are supposed to eat, and they pretty much stick to this philosophy. This is a good program to follow, without the supplement, so I think I will.

So... in following this, I ate an apple, oatmeal, raisins, coffee (YES! they allow this wonderful beverage in their meal plans, even with a small dose of sugar and milk!!!), and water. I think I did pretty good. I'm full and satisfied, while eating healthy. What more could I want?

Anywho... we'll see what today brings me. I planned on walking to the library, but it seems the rain won't stop for that long, and I'm not taking a coughing toddler out in it. Plus! She doesn't want to go until she gets "better." After perusing this form of speech, I can't blame her and don't want to "endanger" the other kids of getting the same cold.

And! I have to pee almost all the time! All that water intake is STILL getting to me! Yikes!!! Gotta go again!

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