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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"I Want You To Feel Like You Are Going To Die!"

says Jillian Michaels in her Level 2 workout of 30-Day Shred. And I do/did while doing it. I even do the low impact (beginner) portion that my new BFF (Anita - on the dvd) is doing. And I still feel it!

But, I am still making it through. Been having a little bit of trouble. Juan (my hubby) is on vacate, so always wants to eat out. Ugh! If only... How do you say no? He doesn't believe in lower calories or healthier eating. I do much better when he's at work.

But today is leftovers, and I'm still full from lunch. I think I'll pass. I did healthier snacks all day long, so it should be pretty okay.

At least I now notice a little difference in the clothing feel, so it's a little more "up" in my thoughts. Keep going, keep going!!!

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