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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Water... Water...

Today I didn't drink much water. I'm a sucker for fresh beans, and I got a 2 lb. bag of Starbucks beans last night... so today I drank coffee... coffee... coffee... Yum... I was good in most other ways. Baked fish, green beans and noodles (only 1/2 cup!). Yay. I ate a couple of vanilla wafers for dessert (needed that treat!) and just strayed from the water.

Tomorrow will be another day.

Exercise? I did Bob Harper's workout again, against the screaming agony of my hamstrings and glutes. Boy did that exercise feel good and painful. I am still feeling it. My shoulders even hurt. But it's a good hurt. Don't know who I'll choose to do tomorrow morning... Jillian or Bob? Hmm...

I feel fairly good about today. I also joined The Biggest Loser League, which is a FREE service provided through NBC. (Thanks, guys!) I heard about it through my brother, who is also on his own journey through this hellacious hole of weight loss. Let's all give him some support, too. He seriously needs it, as he is in a lack-of-motivation state. Cheer him (and me!) on! With everyone's support and our own willPOWER, we can do it!!!!

Wish me luck and good POWER tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks Lisa. I'm doing ok now. GOOD LUCK AND POWER TODAY!!