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Friday, February 20, 2009

Weigh - In, I'm NOT a Loser Today

I think the scale is definitely not my friend. And right now, I totally wish I was a guy. They can lose weight so much faster than a female. I seriously envy that. Seriously! Talk about depressing... like I don't have enough of that. I got on the scale this morning... and... it read that I had GAINED 1.5 pounds since last Friday. No way! But, the scale does not lie...

So, I need to really be better. The cookies and little sneaks here and there were a little much. My snacking wasn't much better. I need to go back to regular healthy snacks. I have been skipping all my fruits, eating junk, tasting too much. It wasn't really a treat anymore. I was going over the "do not deprive" thing and rationalizing it completely in my head. Get that junk out of my head.

I will be totally gung-ho this weekend (today, too!). I am officiating a swim meet, so what better influence than all of those healthy athletes with young fit bodies? There is none! I want to be just like them when I grow up! Hopefully, one day I will be.

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