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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Honestly... How Do People Do It?

I have watched what I've been eating. I may not be strict, but I've been eating WAY less than I used to. I cut out all my soda intake. I drink a ton of water each and every day. I exercise. And the weight just IS NOT falling off. I am working and working, and my body is not working for me.

Ok... enough of the rant.

Today was ok-ish. I exercised and did something different. Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Stretch is no longer available on Time Warner Cable, so I tried the Biggest Loser CardioMax. This is hosted by Bob Harper. Wow! It is bed time and I am so feeling it. It tired me out a little; I was "sweatin' like a man and breathin' like a man" as Bob says. It felt great! Although it was mostly cardio and no toning. Hmmm... maybe I'll do all cardio for a week or so and take off those pounds. I have a feeling (see above paragraph) that part of my weight issue is building of muscle mass? Uh... I sure hope so.

Eating today was alright. At dinner, I know I overdid it. But that's okay. I did not deprive myself and didn't go hog wild. Yay me!

Exhausted and going to bed. Signing off. Over and out... ZONK!

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