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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Can't Blog? Here's a Format for Ya!

Daily Blogging:
What I ate for...
Breakfast -
Snack -
Lunch -
Snack -
Dinner -
Snack -

Did I stick to the Plan?

I drank ___________ cups of water.

Did I stick to the Plan?

How much/what exercise I did today...

What I did that didn't fit into my weight loss plan...

What I can do to change it...

I feel...
[happy, sad, exhausted, tired, sleepy, burnt out, etc.]

Weekly Blogging;

Weekly weigh-in...
[pounds lost or gained.]

Comments on weight...

I feel...
[happy, sad, exhausted, tired, sleepy, burnt out, etc.]

Monthly Blogging:

[Post photos of original self and end of this month self]
Left bicep:
Right bicep:
Left thigh:
Right thigh:
Left calf:
Right calf:
Chest/Bust: [under breast]
Chest/Bust: [over breast]
Waist: [NOT hipline, like the teeny boppers!!!, actual waistline, or where it should be!]
Clothes Size:
Comments on measurements...

I feel...
[happy, sad, exhausted, tired, sleepy, burnt out, etc.]

*NOTE: You can put either actual measurements or just size lost or gained. You can also tweak this blog entries to your liking. This is just an example for those who can't blog. Get out there and do it. I am telling you... blogging, or writing all this makes me keep doing what I need to do. It makes me much more accountable and honest than if I didn't. I'm not going to lie. If I didn't do this, my one self would talk my other self into not doing it and saying that since I did the laundry and some yardwork, I exercised... WRONG! So I do this blogging thing. It seems to work pretty well for me.

Remember, a blog can be anything you want it to be. It is your online journal. We are not in a high school English class, so you can write, or not write, about anything you want to, even if you just want to put down the basics. It will help you!

Good luck to you all and DRINK THAT WATER!!!

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