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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Still Not A YAY Day!

I worked out, yet again, today. Still not feelin' it. With the weather as gorgeous (pretty only, as it's still been cold here - for us that is...) as it's been, you would think I would be feelin' it. But I am not. I can't wait for my Level 3 of Jillian Michaels 30-Day Stretch to get here...

Eating? Bowl of oatmeal with raisins, cup of coffee, water, water, water... Banana, more water... 2 thin slices meat, bowl of rice with 1 T Country Crock, more water... a couple ff's (French Fries... a super duper NO NO!), 1 piece bread with 1/2 t Country Crock (I really was craving this), more water... more ff's, a little bit of salad, 2 cups coffee... more water...

So... suffice it to say... I didn't do very well today! (Oops! A little Dr. Suess-y for me!)

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